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5 Hairstyles and Cuts to Promote Healthy Hair This Year

2020 is halfway through, but there is still plenty of time to work on your haircare resolutions for the remainder of the year. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon for what looks the best—because let’s face it, most of the year’s social events aren’t happening—let’s focus on what feels the best.

Your hair is one of your most noticeable features, and it's crucial that you pay attention to the health and wellbeing of your scalp and hair health. Choose hairstyles and cuts that will promote healthy growth and offer protection.

Some of my favorite picks, especially for curly-haired divas, are:

1. Make the big chop

If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it.

The big chop is usually the first and most quintessential step to saying goodbye to your old ways. Embrace healthier hair and make the transition to your natural texture with this fresh new cut and become a fierce new you.

Whether you get a pixie, bob, or shave it all off, this look might be the most radical form of self-care you take on this year.

2. Sleek a-line bob

If you loved A-line bobs before, you're going to love 2020's take on them even more. This cut works surprisingly well on curly hair, too, giving you that extra bounce and texture.

Let your hair frame your face while also giving you the freedom of short hair. If you’re not going entirely chemical-free, you could add some highlights to bring in dimension and depth.

3. Sport a curly fringe

Did you cave in and give yourself those quarantine bangs? You're lucky because fringes are all the rage for curly hair. Grow out those gorgeous bouncy curls and let them frame your face in the best way possible.

Pair it up with a baby-Afro, or a fuller, rounder bob, and you’ll have a perfect look for any occasion.

4. Curly pixie for the win

If you thought a pixie was fun and bold, the curly pixie would give you a new life. A perfect option for the big chop, a pixie works on practically any hair texture. Though to keep your curls and give yourself the volume you need, focus on leaving hair at the crown.

5. Braid it all up

To all the curly-haired black women reading this, make braids your B.F.F.s this year.

Tying your hair into various protective styles such as dreadlocks and cornrows can keep your hair safe from heat, chemical and environmental factors, traction and friction from your hands and even styling techniques.

All the hairstyles mentioned above work well with un-styled hair just as well, cutting down the need to use heat and chemical products unnecessarily, working really well across hair types.

If you're looking for a new look to try this year, get in touch with me for my services as a beauty consultant and celebrity hairstylist

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