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Growing Out Your Hair While You Shelter-in-Place

Growing out your hair can be an exciting new change, but also a difficult transition. It's nothing short of a journey that you're taking, with a very lovable, but sometimes infuriating travel partner.

Many of us have a complicated relationship with our hair. It’s definitely not a no-strings-attached arrangement.

For people with curly, kinky, coiled hair and similar hair textures, the journey to longer, fuller locks can be even more frustrating. There will be moments when you want to give up and cut it all off for a familiar, safe and comfortable look, but let me tell you a little secret: your hair is your strength. If you want to grow it out, don't let anything stop you.

Take this time at home to grow your hair out to it’s most glorious state with the following tips. People with various hair textures can also follow along:

Establish a washing and hair care routine

A lot of us either shampoo our hair too often or too rigorously. For those still using shampoo, you only really need to focus on the scalp and roots; the latter will take care of the ends. Stick to shampooing your hair a maximum of thrice a week and no more because it can strip your hair of its natural oils.

Invest in high-quality, well-known products, especially those suited and designed for your hair type. This includes using shea butter and other products that are meant for natural hair, leave-in conditioners and other options for straighter hair.

Add some extra TLC into the mix

All hair needs that extra TLC that you can provide through deep-conditioning treatments, ACV washes regular oiling and stimulation, satin and silk scarves for bedtime, and focusing on health before length.

Use the prayer-hands method to apply the product from the root to the ends and work it through your length.

Lay off the heat and styling

Heat is your hair’s biggest enemy. All that styling, whether you're blowdrying, straightening or curling, can wreak havoc on your hair cuticles. The damage can leave your hair looking dull and dry, and the ends weakened and frayed. While you're sheltering-at-home choose protective, heatless styles for video conferencing and meetings, otherwise avoid styling your hair at all costs. Let it be free!

Focus on beauty from the inside out

That TLC we talked about? It also means taking care of the food you eat. You can’t expect your hair—or any part of your body for that matter—to be healthy if it’s not being nourished right. Eat your vegetables, fruits, get sleep, hydrate and work on your stress management. A healthy you means healthy hair, too.

Make time for haircuts and trims

Of course, while at home, you might be able to trim the ends of your hair from time to time. This is important in order to encourage healthy hair growth, but you will eventually need professional maintenance. For that, you can reach out to me. As a celebrity hairstylist and beauty consultant, I provide services and advice on all things hair related. You can even check out my portfolio here to see some of the work I’ve done.

Cuts and trims are an essential part of healthy hair growth not because they speed things up, but because they keep the split ends and dead, damaged hair at the bottom from hindering growth. It's crucial that you stay patient, especially if you have tighter curls and kinks—your growth might take longer to show, but it will.

Let’s get you those gorgeous locks!

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