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5 Work from Home Hair Ideas You Must Try

For those of us who are used to working from home, or are new to the situation due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it can be a bit of an adjustment. It comes as a bit of a relief too, taking off the pressure of spending hours getting dressed each morning and commuting to get there.

However, while many of us are working out of our P.J.s, there are moments, such as video calls and meetings, when we're required to be presentable and looking sharp. A quick change of clothes, some makeup, and a couple of professional looking hairstyles are the perfect fix for those meetings.

These hairstyles are so easy you can wear them every day, whether you're working from home or going to the office:

1. Soft, tousled waves for texture

It's hard to sit around for hours curling your hair to perfection, or straightening it to silky smoothness. Excess styling, heat, and product use can also damage your hair and leave it looking lackluster, increasing the frequency of your washes too.

A great alternative is to try these touseled waves that I’d done for Beyoncé, making them a quick but lasting hairstyle for your everyday routine.

2. A quick blow-dry for volume and shape

Got a few minutes to spare? Grab your hairdryer, a paddled brush, a rounded brush, and head to the mirror. Work your hair outward for a styled look, alternating with inward styling to get that volume. Pay extra attention to the front and crown of your hair, adding just enough volume to show your cut and color off, but not too much that it looks comical.

3. Volumizing your ponytail

Spice up your ponytail with a few tricks that I swear by. You can curl the lengths when your hair is up, tugging at the crown for a little bump and volume, or you can try the double ponytail trick for added length and volume. A ponytail works for any hair type, whether you have curly hair or straight.

4. Buns and braids are your BFFs

For my natural and curly hair having sisters, embrace your protective styles and updos! If there’s one thing the natural hair revolution teaches us, it’s that our hair is not unprofessional or inappropriate for work. In fact, wear your braids and buns however you like. You're in the comfort of your home and deserve to feel at ease, not to mention these styles keep your hair safe.

5. Throw on some hair accessories

For easy, low-maintenance styling, pull on a headband, turban, some hair clips, or berets. Use what you have lying around or invest in a few items that will give you the perfect, put-together look, without having to do much else.

For more advice and hair related content, visit my blog. I’m a celebrity hair artist and offer my hairstyling services to clients in L.A. You can contact me here.

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