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Why Are People Making Big Hair Changes During The Quarantine?

A few months into shelter-in-place and being quarantined at home, most of us have that undeniable itch that can't be scratched.

We're bored, scared, tired, feel lost, agitated, craving novelty, and one of the easiest ways to channel that nervous, creative energy is through our hair. From bedroom hairstyling and makeup tutorials to taking the plunge on that risky new hairstyle, many of us have tried something new with our looks.

But why now? What is it about these past couple of months that has so many of us dying to change up our look, and in particular our hair? Whether we’re DIY dyeing it, or giving ourselves bangs, or even shaving all off, why does everyone seem to be boarding that train?

It’s a coping mechanism

For many of us, the situation is outside our locus of control, making it difficult to cope with. The emotional toll of it can be quite intense, especially if you're away from friends, family, work, and other things that provide comfort and a sense of normalcy. Routines are all over the place, and quite frankly, it's nervewracking to be fearing for your safety and that of your loved ones.

When you're experiencing all these big emotions, it can be hard to process and acknowledge them, which is why it's easier to regain control through physical changes. Haircuts are therapeutic, which is why we'll often be in the stylist's chair after a bad breakup, for instance. This is pretty similar because it helps draw away the focus from the emotional to the tangible.

We’re pretty bored and have nowhere to go

This is a pretty valid reason to be perfectly honest. With nowhere to go, very little public appearance and social interaction, and no end in sight, it's the perfect time to experiment with your look.

The boredom might be stemming from a lack of routine and social life or hobbies, but a change might be incredibly welcome as a fun new change. You still need to be careful with the way you do this, though, because it’s easy for things to go awry, and even the best celebrity hairstylist won’t be able to salvage your hair.

Hair maintenance is hard to keep up

Let's be real when you're tired, bored, and trying to stay afloat from the safety of your home; it can be difficult to invest time, effort, and money on hair maintenance. Especially if you're working remotely, caught up with chores and errands, and lack access to your stylist, hair maintenance is the last thing on your mind.

This is why many people are getting fed-up and taking matters in their own hands. Buzzcuts, DIY dyes, pixies, and bobs have all become popular coronacuts and styles, as they’ve jokingly been termed.

Even celebrities aren’t immune to these

As a celebrity hairstylist and beauty consultant, I know the effort that goes into making them look like their fabulous selves on the red carpet, T.V., film, and photographs. And though most of these A-listers have multiple stylists and artists in their crew at all times, even they're not safe from these whims. We've seen plenty of new looks emerge during this time!

So if you’re aching to try something new during self-isolation, consider the pros and cons, and find inspiration before you attempt anything. It’s hair, it’ll grow back, but you still need to be careful!

For my advice, tips, and tricks related to all things hair, follow my blog and check out my portfolio for my celebrity hairstyling experience.

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