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Hyping Yourself Up for the Big Chop—Tips and Advice

The Big Chop is a phenomenon that most natural haired women will be familiar with. Especially those who decided to go natural after years of chemical treatments, harsh styling and continuously battling with the natural texture of our hair.

It's a major decision that many black women, in particular, will make. Primarily because it signifies a symbolic and a literal change, you're about to shed the weight of expectations and your big hair in exchange for a more authentic you—and deserve all the hype you can get!

prepare ahead of time to you know what to expect and are ready to embrace it fully, with these tips and tricks:

It’s just hair—don’t be afraid

I know you’re probably afraid of this change. Anyone would be. After all, you’re possibly looking to cut off several inches of your hair. But it is just hair, and it will grow back. Whether it takes a few months or a year, it will come out stronger, healthier, and brand new, giving you a chance to start over. Think of it as the fresh start you've been craving—after all, haircuts are incredibly therapeutic!

Get a consultation and be prepared

As a celebrity hair artist and stylist, I'd recommend getting a consultation before you make the chop. This will help you prepare for the transition, giving you a shot at preparing and envisioning your new look. You can get in touch with me to learn more about my hairstyling services and discuss how we can work together.

Choose a style for yourself

Remember that it’s your hair. You’re not obligated to do anything you don’t want. A big chop doesn’t always mean getting a buzzcut. You can go as long or as short as you like. The goal is to get rid of treated and damaged hair to let your natural hair grow out, but if a drastic cut is too much, you can always start slow.

Hydrate and moisturize regularly

Your hair will need a lot of care and love to promote healthy growth, and a large part of that will be hydrating and moisturizing it regularly. Use products meant for natural hair, layering on shea butter, and other sealants to give it that extra love.

Schedule your trims and maintenance

Trims and regular maintenance are essential to keeping your hair in shape and looking fresh. Choose a style that’s easier to maintain depending on your lifestyle, but even pixie cuts and buzzcuts need to be kept in shape. The transition from short to long will need professional maintenance.

Patience, patience, patience

We’ve already discussed how the choice to go natural is a major one, but even more than that, the growing out phase can have you pulling your hair—literally. You want to let it grow at its own pace and trust the process, letting your hair be free.

Patience truly is a virtue, and when you're going natural, you will need a lot of it. It might be tempting to straighten it once more, or go back to your pre-chop ways—but trust me when I say the results will be so worth it.

For any hair related queries, concerns, or tips, you can visit my blog, or reach out to me for my services as a celebrity beauty consultant.

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